Book Vouchers

Three times a year Wings To Fly will award a £10 book voucher to a child in each year group that is making brilliant progress with their reading. Well done to the 7 children who received their vouchers this term!


‘Talkspace’ is run by Judith Clark, a trained teacher and social worker who worked previously for the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service.  Talkspace provides interventions for children in a range of areas including behaviour, bereavement, parental separation and ‘just not coping’. 


It has also allowed families who do not normally seek the school's support to come forward where a parent or child has felt the need.

There have been a number of children for whom the

Covid-19 pandemic has increased their levels of anxiety, there has also been depression, anger against the situation and feelings of hopelessness. In these instances, Talkspace has been able to give practical guidance of ways in which they may be able to manage and reduce these anxieties both in school and to those at home. 


"I was always fighting with my sister but when you phoned it made me feel really really happy”

Boy, aged 8yrs old

"It made me more cheerful because I liked seeing people when I hadn’t seen any for a long time”

Boy, aged 5yrs old

"You listened and I know you believed me”

Girl, aged 6yrs old

"Once again talking to you has calmed us all and made me clear on the way forward”

Parents of child aged 8yrs old

"‘Seeing’ you has made him think things through…” "It has truly changed our child's’ life for the better”

Parents of boy aged 10yrs old

"We will never be able to give enough thanks to Talskpace for giving us this support"

Parents of girl aged 10yrs old